Granite Slab is Toronto’s Favourite Countertop

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Find Out Why Granite Slab is Toronto’s Favourite Countertop

Granite slab countertops are the most desirable types of surfaces for prospective homebuyers, according to a recent survey of GTA home buyers. The same survey found that a newly renovated kitchen with a granite countertop has the ability to add thousands of dollars to the resale value of a home. It’s easy to see why granite slab is Toronto’s favourite type of countertop: it’s got a rock solid advantage over many other types of countertop surfaces!

The Granite Advantage

Here are a few of the reasons why granite is an excellent choice for your countertops:
  • Beauty. Granite is a natural stone that catches and reflects the light in a way that no synthetic material ever will. A good slab of granite can seem almost luminous when it’s in the right setting.
  • Variety. Granite is available in a huge variety of colours and patterns, from very subtly patterned neutral tones to boldly patterned and vividly coloured slabs. Each piece of granite is one of nature’s works of art, and is utterly unique. Whether you are looking for a piece of stone that’s striking and dramatic, or one that’s delicate and understated, you will be able to find the perfect granite slab.
  • Affordability. Granite is found in virtually every country in the world, and there are numerous varieties. It’s widely available, and thus it is be surprisingly affordable.
  • Durability. Buildings and monuments made of granite have survived for centuries; for example Machu Picchu, which dates back to the 15th century, and the temple of Chaunsath Yogini in India, built in the year 900. Your granite countertop will last a lifetime, and beyond!
  • Timelessness. Because of its association with fine art and architecture through the ages, granite gives your home a timeless, elegant feeling.
  • Versatility. Granite complements any style of interior design, from country kitchen to clean, modern lines. A granite countertop is versatile enough to suit any type of taste or décor.
  • Heat resistant. An igneous rock, granite is used as a heating tool! You can set a hot pan down right on the counter with no ill effects.
  • Sanitary. Granite is naturally mold resistant and repels bacteria. It’s simple to clean and is a safe surface for kitchen and bathroom alike.
  • Easy to maintain. Sealing your granite countertop periodically prevents it from staining. Simply clean your counter, apply sealant, let it sit for fifteen minutes, and wipe it off.
  • Stain and scratch resistant. Granite is one of nature’s hardest materials, so when properly sealed it becomes naturally stain and scratch resistant.

Buying a Granite Slab

Although some people choose granite by looking at small sample blocks, this is not recommended. It’s nearly impossible to tell what the entire slab will look like from a small square of stone. The best way to select a slab for your countertop is by visiting a fine natural stone importer/distributor. The best importers maintain a showroom where you can see slabs, ask questions, and reserve (or "tag”) a slab. Your fabricator can then order the stone and create your unique countertop.
Visit a Toronto importer/distributor today, and bring home the natural beauty of stone!